Welcome to One to one fitness Hertfordshire

Jamie Anderson

Welcome to One to one fitness Hertfordshire

One to One Fitness has been helping clients achieve their goals since 1992. We are completely results driven in a relaxed and friendly environment. If you lack the motivation to exercise, we are the people to help you!

Our RAPID WEIGHT LOSS programme can give you immediate results. Ask Graham Sandley who in 2009 lost 5 stones in just 6 months!

'I couldn't get over how quickly the weight came off! Month after month I just kept shrinking. Training at One to One Fitness has changed my life completely. I would strongly recommend the advice and training at One to One Fitness to everybody!' Graham Sandley, MD Moras Ltd.

The GENTLE BACK REHAB programme can also give you comfort, even to the most painful back conditions. By exercising the muscles supporting your spine, followed by osteopathic style stretches, the feelings of relief can be instant, as Sean Callighan found out after undergoing surgery to his spine.

'I started training with One to One Fitness six months after spinal surgery, in a bid to ease the pain and prevent further damage. The training proved so successful I started playing rugby again after just 4 months, amazing! Thank you One to One!' Sean Callighan MD Callighan Construction.

Getting started could not be easier. Call 0208 447 1661 now to book your consultation with Jamie Anderson.


"I have been training at an elite level for over 25 years. In all my time, I have never been in such good shape and had so much energy since working with Jamie. He has shown me how ineffective mainstream supplements can be. I just hope he doesn't tell my competitors!"
Joe Okano, Cage Fighter, Milton Keynes.
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